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February 2021 Update / Snow Day!!

Last week’s snowstorm was just the distraction we all needed in our household. Even though Zoom school has turned snow days into a distant memory, the boys still had some fun and even made $31 bucks shoveling neighbors’ walkways!


Market Update

For me, January slowed down a little. I had a wild November and December, but last month gave me a chance to catch my breath and reflect on 2020. The market, however, didn’t relax one bit!

I heard another agent discussing the widespread perception of the current market the other day. He was talking about how everyone has been saying that inventory is low, but if we look at the stats, that’s not really the case. 2020 actually had more listings than 2019. We get the impression that inventory is low because demand is so high.

I thought that was interesting, so I pulled a few reports to see for myself. Here is the data.


New Year’s Resolution Update

So much for my resolutions! Let’s just say they are still a work in progress.

Our Super Bowl Sunday stash

Starting Monday, I am going to try and get to bed at a decent hour, wake up around 5:45 am, exercise, and drink more water. In the afternoon, I have a bad habit of reaching for sweets. Today, I squeezed a lemon into a cup and added ice & cold water, and it did the trick. Wow, I have a new go-to sweet but healthy drink!

Thank you to everyone who responded to last month’s newsletter with their favorite recipes and other tips for sticking to resolutions. I really enjoyed reading those and am looking forward to trying them!


Renovating Shepherd Park Update

We are making good progress on our new home renovations. To make room for the addition, we cut down the rotten oak tree and started digging the foundation for it after finally receiving the permit.

If you haven’t seen the first episode in the Renovating Shepherd Park miniseries yet, head over to!

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