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Summer Recap / Empty Nesters!

Two young, brown-haired boys hug each other on the top bunk in a wooden cabin.

What a summer! Between work, renovations at the Hemlock house project, and squeezing in a few vacation days, it flew by in the blink of an eye!


Market Update

My August slowed down a good bit, which seems to be consistent with the general state of the housing market in the DMV area. After over a year of the pandemic, people started to brave the world again and took some time off to travel. But now that we’re back to school, the market is ramping up again, and I have 3 new exciting listings coming soon!


The Perfect Mix of Summer Fun and Peace & Quiet

Our summer was good! We took a road trip down to Florida in June. We spent a few days in Disney and then on the way back, we stopped in Hilton Head Island for a couple days.

A man, woman, and two young boys stand on the beach wearing bike helmets and summer clothing. The ocean is behind them and their bikes are in front of them.

In July, Debbie and I became empty nesters for a full 5 days after dropping the boys off at sleep away camp. In the 9 years since our oldest was born, we had forgotten what it was like to have a still house!

Two young boys explore two top bunks across the room from each other in a wooden cabin.

While the boys were off singing campfire songs, I jumped at the opportunity to go down to Avon, North Carolina, and get some kiteboarding in. I had 3 days of perfect weather, but most importantly, wind!

When we picked the boys up, they were absolutely exhausted but had such a great time that they were ready to sign up for a full 3 weeks next year. I’ve already started thinking about how much Debbie and I can get done with such a large chunk of childless time! Hahaha!


Back to School / Hemlock Progress

School is back in session, and we are so grateful for all of the teachers and administrators that have made in-person learning possible. It feels so liberating and has freed up some time to work on the Hemlock house. My goal is to get it done before Debbie’s birthday on October 19.

A two-story house with red shutters and white stucco on the top level and red brick on the bottom level.

You may have seen my poll on social media where I asked whether or not we should paint the exterior brick.

Well, the verdict is in!

Click on the video below to see the outcome, and then keep watching for a full, unedited, impromptu walk-through of the house to check out our overall progress. What do you think...can we get it done by Debbie’s birthday?

The top level of a white home with a red play button in the middle and a banner reading "Red or white bricks? Click to find out!"


Can I Ask for a Favor?

95% of my clients come to me through referrals from all of you, and I can’t express how grateful I am for that! I’m never too busy to take a call, so please don’t hesitate to continue sending people my way!

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