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Bringing RFK Back to Life

A group of well-dressed people stand on a roof deck with RFK stadium in the background.
The Navigate Group with RFK in the background.

For many DC area natives, RFK Stadium evokes memories of pulling on their favorite burgundy and gold sweatshirt on a fall day to cheer on the Washington Football team with their buddies and packed crowds singing along to the latest hits of their favorite band. For me, I can still remember going to my first concert, The Grateful Dead, when I was 13. What an experience!

Sometimes, my friends and I went to RFK just for the parking lot experience, never even making it inside the stadium. Between football, festivals, concerts, and the infamous parking lot, I have loads of great memories. So, when demolition plans were announced in 2019, it felt like the end of an era. It’s never easy to say goodbye, but there’s always a silver lining! Plans for the stadium site itself are yet to be finalized, but the surrounding areas are currently undergoing major changes with exciting redevelopments in the works.

A turf soccer field with RFK stadium in the background.
The Fields at RFK Campus | Photo credit:

The Fields, just northeast of the stadium, opened in 2019 and features 27 acres of turf fields, bike paths, and pavilions for special events. Future plans include a market hall, a sports and recreation complex, pedestrian bridges, and the RFK Democracy Center.

For an area known as Reservation 13 (south of Independence Avenue), proposals currently being reviewed include an array of amenities such as child-care facilities, luxury and affordable condominiums and apartments, retail establishments, grocery stores, hotels, parks, playgrounds, and more.

An aerial view of a design for Reservation 13. It includes green spaces on rooftops, parks, and other various buildings.
Project proposal from the NRP and Argos Group.

As these redevelopment visions become reality over the next few years, property values in the area will likely increase in conjunction. Only time will tell, but my guess is that buying here today has high potential for a good return on investment tomorrow!

What are your memories of RFK Stadium?

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